Rotterdam – RDM site
Urban design plan and landscape plan

Over the past years the RDM site in Rotterdam has been undergoing a transition from a dilapidated shipyard into a bustling campus where education, culture, manufacturing industry and offshore come together. To be able to steer this development spatially we made an urban design plan in which the existing monumental buildings form important basic elements. The design appreciates the assets of the site: its robust look and large scale. To have new buildings harmonise with the existing ones we wrote a detailed section on their external appearance for the Buildings Aesthetics Committee. Its key word is coordination. We also made the design for the public space. It served as a basis for landscaping the entire site using a specific mix of clinkers that corresponds with the colour of the monumental buildings. The design also included giving shape to two new entrances to the area and the construction of a hundreds of meters long new brick wall, sharply defining the perimeter of the site. In conjunction with residents of the neighbouring Heijplaat village we supervised the design for a new park between the village and the RDM site.

Client: Havenbedrijf Rotterdam NV
Date: 2009 - 2015 Start realisatie: 2011