Railway zone, Delft
View of Delft

Following our winning entry in 2013, we were commissioned by the city of Delft to work on the urban design plan for the Delft railway zone.

The current plan is a radical revision of the previous masterplan by Joan Busquets. We have put the emphasis on designing a public network of streets, watercourses and parks. This spatial framework fills the void left by the construction of the railway tunnel and connects the adjacent urban areas.

Furthermore, it delineates and defines the individual development areas; it facilitates future development without dictating the precise architectural final stage.

The spatial framework is by no means an abstract system of lines. It is a system of urban spaces, each one with its autonomous beauty and attractiveness that can stand the test of time. The urban design plan that is neither an imposition of a preconceived programme nor a reaction to the latest situation on the market, but a timeless basis that can meet the ‘whims of the market’ over a considerable period of time.


Client: Gemeente Delft
Date: 2012 (prijsvraag, gewonnen) uitvoering: 2012 - onvoorzien