Belvedère, Maastricht
Masterplan and design vision

The Belvédère is an obsolete industrial terrain stretching from the northwest of the city centre to the border with Belgium. An irregular relief line, a system of canals and sluices dug deeply into the surroundings, and remains of old fortifications together form an adventurous landscape. It is brutally transsected by the route of the Noorderbrug.

For years industries have been moving away from the area; fresh initiatives have been emerging, as have new prospects for developing living and work space. How to steer this unpredictable transformation process in the right direction?

The knot of the traffic bridge, exits, canals, and fortifications is untied by shifting the ramps of the Noorderbrug northwards. The remains of the fortifications are taken up in a continuous park area, the Frontenpark, which borders directly on the city centre. The new traffic structure and the green structure together form a three-dimensional design which makes rewarding use of the existing relief. It serves as a framework for the redevelopment of the area; how it will be filled in depends on local initiatives and the market, and will take place gradually.

Palmbout made the Masterplan in 2003, the Description of Envisaged Atmospheres in 2007, and the Design Vision for the new traffic structure in 2013. Its implementation started in 2014. Frits Palmboom has been involved in the project as a designer and supervisor since 1998.

Client: Gemeente Maastricht, WOM Belvedère
Date: ontwerp: 1998 - heden realisatie: vanaf 2001