Zwolle- Railwayzone

The construction of the Hanze railway line (Hanseatic line) has turned Zwolle into a major railway hub in the north of the Netherlands. Zwolle’s station area is therefore undergoing an extensive remodelling. An additional platform, a wider pedestrian tunnel, more station retail, and a new bus station will make it one of the larger transfer points in the Netherlands. The remodelling was already underway when we were asked not only to give shape to the extended urban surroundings, but also to optimise the embedment of the station project in the city. It is therefore a project of multiple speeds and multiple scale levels.

Our assignment included increasing the cohesion among all individual sub-assignments with retroactive effect, and to weigh the interests of a variety of partners. For example, while the construction of the pedestrian tunnel was already in progress, modifications were necessary to make it mesh with the new station square on the south side.

The design has a dual function: it offers a long-term perspective on the extended surroundings of the station and provides the elements and plan variables for the continued development of the station over the next years. The design has served as the basis for a number of parties to sign covenants and for governments to grant tens of millions of funding.

Provincie Overijssel, Prorail, NS en Gemeente Zwolle