Zutphen – IJsselsprong
Intermunicipal structural vision (IGSV) for surrounding of Zutphen in context of the programme 'Ruimte voor de Rivier' (Space for the river)

The IJssel valley with her Hanzecities is one of the most beautiful Dutch landscapes.
To cope with the increasing amounts of riverwater the government came up with a few measures for Zutphen and it’s region in the programme ‘Ruimte voor de rivier’ (Space for the river).
Provincial and communal authorities have investigated how to accomplish these goals along with their own ambitions on housing, traffic and landscape, under the motto ‘Right at once’.
The chosen strategy is to create more space for the river by making a parallel riverbed, which will, when the waterlevel rises, flow along the main riverbed. The measures for widening the riverbed will have to be realized before 2015.
The former IJsselmeander and the streams on the Veluweside will be connected to form a coherent landscape as a connection between the forests of the
Veluwe and the river IJssel.
The jump over the IJssel is the urban development of 3000 houses for the city of Zutphen at the opposing riverbank. It is to be the extension of the existing neighbourhood De Hoven near the IJsselbridge. It will spread to the west along the former IJsselmeander and to the south along the riverdike. Green wedges and existing urban ribbons provide visible connections to the cityscape of Zutphen. They also make a gradual marking between the new urban area and the surrounding landscape.
The new diversion of the regional road ensures the decrease of traffic within the De Hoven. It meanders from the northwest (the village of Voorst) to the southern IJsselbridge. As a parkway it offers a scenic view on the Veluwe, the jump over the IJssel and the towers of Zutphen on the horizon.

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