Vlaardingen – Buizengat
Urban design vision for redevelopment of the location Buizengat.

The plan area is located on the edge of the old town centre on both sides of an old harbour basin and borders in the east on a lush 19th century town park. Our plan has transformed this area from a somewhat forgotten far-off corner into a link between the town centre and the park. The water divides the plan into two different urban domains: that of the ‘town waterside’, where the plan picks up the old structure of narrow alleys, views through, bustle and harbour activities; and that of the ‘town gardens’, where the residential environment was grafted onto the presence of the park. On the spot where a new bridge connects the town waterside with town gardens stands the civic building that accommodates a whole range of urban functions and unique dwelling types.
As the area was being built up step by step, a set of rules was formulated to steer the elaboration of the plan. This so-called ‘printed circuit board’ regulated, like a ‘Pompeii in reverse’, coherence between buildings and public space.

Gemeente Vlaardingen.
Prijsvraagontwerp 1995 (gewonnen), uitwerking 2001.Start realisatie: 2002.