Turnhout urban interchange

In response to an open competition by the Office of the Flemish Government Architect we made a design for the development of an urban interchange on the Turnhout ring road.

The aim of our design proposal was, while preserving the parkway-like character of the Turnhout ring road, to utilise the development of the urban interchange to restore the cohesion of the areas on both sides of the road. One of the main assignments we set ourselves was to give shape to the heavy traffic flows in the area with restraint. We achieved that by positioning the ring road partly below grade, and by developing a compact point where the regional and local traffic link up. This restrained design is to ensure the development of an interchange that has urban quality. The required urban quality is rendered by the meticulously designed architectural cohesion and by the materials used for abutments, walls, fencing and approach roads. Two sturdy buildings with public programme mark the interchange.