Vision on the City

The request for a study of the layout of new residential extensions on the edge of Tienen gave us an opportunity to propose a vision for the entire town. Starting from the idea that for a town to be attractive to live in it needs a fine centre, we carried out a series of preliminary studies showing how new housing can enhance the town as a whole.

For the residential areas on the town’s edge we explored the ways to weave the open landscape and the urban fabric together. Though Tienen is located in a lovely undulating landscape, it is now nearly impossible to catch a glimpse of its surroundings from inside the town. This is what the development of the new residential areas could change. To that end we integrated the design for the residential areas with a design for a coherent network of paths, running perpendicular to the stone-paved roads, and sketch proposals for the shape and layout of open spaces connecting the town with the countryside.

We worked in conjunction with Blauwdruk Stedenbouw on this assignment.