Rotterdam – Maashaven
Development strategy for transformation of the Maashaven

Maashavenstad, Rotterdam, 2012

The 19th century Maashaven harbour basin has largely lost its original transhipment function and threatens to become merely a parking space for inland craft. The Maashavenstad Project shows Maashaven’s potential for Rotterdam. The Project visualises a workable transformation of Maashaven into a colourful urban harbour surrounded by the residential areas: Katendrecht, Afrikaanderwijk and Tarwewijk. An urban harbour where it is possible to live, work and recreate in and on the water. This innovative blend of the port economy and the urban dynamism is embedded in a development strategy that is emphatic about the link with the revitalisation of the urban district Rotterdam South.

The plan proposal builds on the system of quays, jetties and the surrounding infrastructure of the existing harbour landscape, and adds to it a pontoon bridge half way the harbour basin. This floating structure forms the missing link in the connection between Tarwewijk and Wilhelminapier.

The plan’s simple setup paves the way for a gradual transformation without considerable pre-investment. Depending on the demand from the adjacent districts, the harbour basin can change colour step by step.