Hoeksche waard – Air
1998 Rotterdam Zuidwaarts Design for the Hoeksche Waard

This plan was one of the eight entries for the manifestation AIR Hoeksche Waard and was commissioned by the Rotterdam Art Foundation. The design fixes no final image and consists of a territorial division (zoning) and an accompanying set of rules (strategy). The plan operates like a time machine that modulates changes in the area in time (pace) and space (scale). Speeding up is achieved by looking for a connection with the infrastructural network at a regional and international scale. Slowing down is achieved by looking for a connection with the slow cycles of the delta, and/or disconnecting areas from the regional and international infrastructure. The differentiation of the scale means that the landscape will develop towards a more varied combination of different elements. Integration means that the various parts of the existing landscape will be put together and will blend into a greater whole.

Stichting Architecture International Rotterdam