Deventer Landstad
Design study for development of Deventer and surroundings of Deventer.

This design sketch is a study of the possibilities to accommodate the pressure of urbanization generated by Deventer in the surrounding landscape. The study was carried out in the framework of the Landstad Deventer manifestation and commissioned by the Municipalities Deventer, Olst and Bathmen. The design investigates the option of injecting urban programmes into the rural area as a development strategy for the surroundings of Deventer. Country estates, new villages and residential/work enclaves will find their place here and take advantage of the qualities of the landscape. The challenge of the design sketch is designing this advantage in such a way so as to generate new qualities of the landscape and its use. Instead of being a parasite, the residential/work programmes will be the source of new vitality in the rural area.

Keuning Instituut