Amsterdam overhoeks
Design for re- development of the Shellterrein at the north bank of the River IJ in Amsterdam.

On the north bank of the River IJ, in the immediate vicinity of the striking Shell Tower, Overhoeks is currently under development. We drew up the urban design plan for the site in conjunction with the planning department of the city of Amsterdam. The plan is oriented perpendicularly to the IJ, thus naturally blending into the landscape structure of the north bank. The high density and the unique location induced us to create a campus-like layout, enabling the presence of the IJ to penetrate deep into the site.

The wedge-shaped park is flanked by the two future plan elements: on the one side a residential quarter, on the other a strip with an even higher density, where living and working are combined.
A new city park called the Oeverpark along the IJ completes public space. Commanding a view of the city centre, it will become a place of urban significance. Its urban character will be enhanced even further by the accommodation of the Film Museum at the head end of the park.

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