Zaanstad – Zaan en IJ oevers
Spatial plan with exploration of development potential

Zaanstad is seeking to unlock its potential with a view to the future. The town wants to strengthen its position within the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Zaanstad’s characteristic features and advantageous location in the region offer ample opportunities for an attractive and heterogeneous business establishment climate.

Our practice studied the development potential of the areas along the rivers Zaan and IJ and explored the possibilities to improve the relationship between the Zaan and the hinterland. The proposed framework is the basis for the development in the course of which the Zaan and the IJ can undergo a gradual transformation.

We sought to formulate rules for the various locations along the Zaan that would allow flexibility, and guarantee and stimulate quality at the same time. This meant different emphasis and varying degrees of detailing per location. We studied a number of locations in more detail and sketched future scenarios.

Client: Gemeente Zaanstad
Date: ontwerp 2010-2011