Sphinx, Maastricht
Urban design and visual quality plan

The Sphinx terrain is part of the much larger Belvédère project. Until 2006 the enormous Sphinx factory of ceramic sanitary fixtures stood here with the tall Eiffel building as its landmark. This building is being converted and will accommodate a variety of urban functions, ranging from cinema auditoriums, cafés and restaurants to a student hotel, lofts and business incubators. The Boschstraat and the nearby Bassin are given a new lease of life as urban meeting spaces. They take up the new tram line to Flanders; the tram stop is integrated into a new gallery in the Sphinx complex. In the long term the entire terrain will be transformed into a lively urban neighbourhood, benefitting from its vicinity to the new Frontenpark. Palmbout made the urban planning design in 2007, which currently serves as a guide for the development. Frits Palmboom supervises the design. He was also in charge of coordinating the effect of the new functions on the public space.

Client: WOM Belvedère
Date: ontwerp: 2006 realisatie: start 2008